Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Importance of Buyer Representation in Boston Real Estate

Why should it be essential to have representation as a Buyer in the fast paced real estate market in downtown Boston? First, lets start by clearing the air on the myth that if a Buyer goes directly to the listing agent they will likely get a better deal on the home. NOT THE CASE......The Seller is paying the whole commission whether one (Listing) agent is involved or two (Buyers) agents are involved.

In fact you, as the Buyer, may get a better deal on the home when represented by a Buyers Agent because this agent is working directly for you to help streamline the process while providing advice on a homes fair market value. I can't imagine the Sellers Agent is going to advise you to pay anything else but the asking price...It's their job to get the Sellers the most money as possible, not to save you money!! The one that wins here is the Sellers Agent who gets to pocket the full commission.

With information overload on the Internet it's sometimes hard to fully understand real estate values. As one client vehemently stated, "I have information" I responded, "Well I have knowledge" and off we went. Ultimately he purchased a home for $20,000.00 less than the information online had suggested he pay.

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