Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Essentials in Choosing a Qualified Real Estate Agent to Represent You

The topic has just come up again at my office during our weekly "Office Open Forum" where we discuss the happenings in the Boston Real Estate Market. What we have found is quite remarkable. Of all the sales closed through our office, the majority are through agents from outside the general marketplace. What does this mean? The internet as it relates to real estate these days is enormous and has had a profound impact on how we conduct business. PLEASE, get to know a licensed professional that is familiar with the marketplace you are looking for a new home in. A true professional will state that he/she does not have expertise in a particular area and refer you to someone who does.

I have a huge network of real estate professionals to reach out to all over the world and more specifically, right here in your own back yard. Let's say you're looking for a house in Northboro Ma. and not familiar with the area. Call me and I will put you in touch with a market expert in the towns you are searching for. Don't just rely on whoever answers the phone or returns an email.

If you were looking into back surgery would you go online and choose someone who states to be the best, or would you seek out advice from other professionals and/or friends for guidance? Something to really consider when contemplating the most expensive purchase in your life.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris on several real estate transactions that he was involved in as both, a listing agent and a buyer’s agent and found him to be exceptionally thorough, diligent and overly conscientious of his client’s objectives. He also has a keen sense of current market conditions which serves as a tremendous asset when he is negotiating on his client’s behalf. And, he approaches the resolution of any issues that arise in a very practical manner so as not to compromise the transaction but at the same time attaining his client’s objectives at hand." Atty. Michael Z.

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