Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding the Right Boston Real Estate Agent

It's very interesting how real estate agents claim they are all #1, the "top producer" or "expert in the field." If all are #1 then who is everyone else? Real Estate agents seem to have one of the lowest levels of respect among business executives and other licensed professionals.

After all, aren't real estate agents responsible for some of the most expensive transactions in the world? Or at least in your world? Someone who purchases a $100,000 home I am sure has never purchased a $100,000 car! Trusting an individual like a real estate agent with the most expensive purchase one may ever make in their lives should be looked at very seriously.

I have been practicing real estate since 1993 and will never claim to be #1, but can certainly say I feel that I am an expert in the field of real estate in Boston.

With the surge of online agencies and discount brokerage firms, I am certain buyers and sellers are in the dark with regard to the qualifications of their agent. People think that if the card they have says CNS or CAS, they must be really qualified. FYI, they are not. Look into the real estate agent you are talking to, ask for a resume, ask for references etc. After all in most cases, you are allowing someone to trade your most valuable possession!

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